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accessibilite - [Accessibilite] Are Many Celebrities Secret Trannies?

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[Accessibilite] Are Many Celebrities Secret Trannies?

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  • Subject: [Accessibilite] Are Many Celebrities Secret Trannies?
  • Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2017 08:39:50 +0200
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Are Many Celebrities Secret Trannies?
March 19, 2017
left, Brothers Venus and Serena Williams as children
A reader has drawn my attention to a cottage industry on
youtube which claims that many leading celebrities are
transgendered. Apparently this is a common Illuminati practice.
Some like Serena Williams, Pink,  Justin Bieber and Michele Obama are plausible.
But others like Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba,
Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Johnny Depp etc. seem like a stretch.

(Disclaimer: We present this for discussion purposes. I reserve judgment.)
A TransVestigation of the Hollywood Elite:  Have we not noticed what's right in front of us?

by Anonymous
Most of you have likely had your eyes opened in some way that has led you to believe there is more going on than we are told about.
As an American woman, I know there is another world behind the curtain, but I've always kind of enjoyed looking at the curtain.  We are given such sparkly things to watch.  All of our entertainment features such tall and strong but beautiful women, and the men, with such gentle caring eyes--they seem so intuitive,  and they have big biceps, too!  And they look just a bit different--they have a certain STAR SOMETHING.
Sarah Jessica Parker
But, there may be a bigger difference between people on TV and us ordinary folks besides good looks, huge personalities and amazing talent.
Some of these famous people may actually be TRANSSEXUALS and TRANSVESTITES.
I know, I know. This could be the whackiest, flakiest, most ridiculous conspiracy theory ever seen.  You might be having a good laugh.  And maybe a few of you have suspected that maybe there are a few possibilities. There were rumors as far back as the 80s about Jamie Lee Curtis, and even recent rumors about both Justin Beiber and the US First Lady, Michelle Obama.
But what if this is more pervasive than we ever thought? What if the man behind the curtain was trying to condition us to accept androgyny as our ideal of the "handsome woman" or the "beautiful man"?
After all, with the internet, we can see photos of celebrities, politicians, and other TV personalities from the time they were children.  It would be nearly impossible to pull that off in this day and age. That is what I was thinking, too, until I found out some amateur bloggers and YouTubers had dedicated much work to this  issue.  Again, you may not find this compelling or even plausible, but it may plant a seed of skepticism in your mind.


In these videos, YouTubers not only raise suspicions that these famous people are trannies, they also explain the following:
(left, Jodie Foster)
·         Gender Reassignment of your prepubescent child is a service to your Master, in Illuminati families.  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are doing it right out in the open.  After the child's  surgery, they have lifelong hormone treatments to maintain their new gender.
·         A gender reassignment is as acceptable as a murder, in terms of sacrificing your child,
·         Once a gender reassignment is done, that child will become famous, or in the limelight, to help further the trans-agenda of the New World Order.
·         Pregnancies of these females is faked via a silicone baby bump or other costuming. Eg. Amal Clooney.
·         Although it is possible to achieve a more masculine or feminine look through hormone therapy (both sex and growth hormones), plastic surgery, gym training and posture/voice coaching, one cannot change their skeletal structure.  Male or female hands will always look different, as will their hip to waist ratio, and shoulder to head ratio.
Please have a look at some of the videos I found on YouTube:
Sandra Bullock -- In this video, the narrator examines early videos of Sandra Bullock,  America's Sweetheart, and provides an argument that her anatomical structure cannot be that of a woman.
Bradley Cooper -- Could America's most handsome man actually be a woman? In this video, the narrator believes almost everyone is a SECRET ILLUMINATI TRANNY!  But could he be right in even a few of the cases?
American Idols: Carrie Underwood (Great name!) and Jennifer Hudson  Could America have voted each year for the America's Tranny Idol?  This video examines each of America's Idols and presents in some cases, compelling evidence that we were not taking note when the phone lines were open!
 Amal Clooney
She's thin, she's fashionable, she's a Human Rights attorney, and she's married to George Clooney, America's standard for masculinity.  But this narrator thinks she is a dude and George was blackmailed into marrying her as some sort of service to the Illuminati. At the 2:20 mark, watch her give "testimony" to the United Nations.  Kind of creepy. What do you think?
Michelle was not the first or last First Lady to be a tranny. But only Barbara Bush makes sense to me.
 Are transsexual TV stars and others hiding in plain sight? Have they become our standard for beauty and masculinity? Are we being conditioned to accept transgendered humans as not only normal, but even more normal and beautiful than non-transgender, or "cis-gender" humans.

This is happening as part of the Illuminati agenda to turn reality upside down by making sick seem healthy, and unnatural seem natural. A former transgendered man, Walt Heyer writes:
"Is it deliberate? Yes. The push to normalize LGBT characters has become all too predictable. We're in the midst of a major, deliberate, well-executed social indoctrination coming from the entertainment industry, the White House, and pro-trans LGBT activists...
I'm concerned about the people who are not getting appropriate psychological care and end up committing suicide. Meanwhile, the entertainment industry refuses to include in their scripts an accurate portrayal of the mental illness and the suicides prevalent in the LGBT population. The White House focuses on so-called civil rights rather than mental health. These special-interest groups refuse to acknowledge that mental disorders have become the largest single risk factor in the high suicidal behavior within the lesbian, gay, and bisexual community."
more here
Related- European Royalty and the War on Gender   (10 pg. pdf with pictures)
------------15 Celebrities Suspected of Being Trannies
------------The Mass deception of Turning Things Upside Down
First Comment from Jeremy
I doubt that some or many of the celebrities mentioned are trannies.  However, what I know is that there is a very strong multi-faceted global cultural assault on human gender.  "They" give us our heroes and villains - which is all part of the agenda.  For generations now they have progressively been programming our youth to aspire to androgynous melds of female/male and to have us worship trannies. 
The ultimate in cultural and moral subversion is to have human beings so confused that they worship dysfunction and hate what is good and pure.  There appeared to be a big escalation of this plan during the late 1970's and throughout the 1980's.  If you watch the media of that era, you notice a big uptick in androgynous cultural icons like Boy George, left, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and "Hair Metal" bands.  This was not incidental.  They had a new weapon designed to subliminally and overtly influence teenage and youth behaviour to mimic and emulate what is deemed "cool".  The age of the 24-hour MTV and early music videos being pumped into kids heads was very bad for us.  These were carefully directed and produced psychological weapons full of sexually activating images and anger. 
Tavistock and it's public relations and advertising affiliates may well have been involved in the dark sciences behind the toxic conditioning foisted upon our children of the 1980's.  These people are now sort of grown up and in positions of power in our society.  Ages 40 and over...we grew up watching Prince videos and wondering who was male and who was female.  They all started to blend together.  Sex is a huge driving force that the Satanists in power and their dirty minion psychiatrists know full well.  So sexual promiscuity and "Girls just wanna have fun" are all part of the drive.  A lot is allowed and tolerated in the name of "art" that should not be unchallenged. 
Today they are now much more forcefully pressing gay sex and perversion onto our youth today.  I think it is highly distasteful and is having the opposite effect and repulsing people away towards searching for more conservative and healthy options...but there aren't many and that is deliberate too.  The eradication of no longer necessary or convenient images of what men and women once and women.



Cet excellent article se trouve à :

This excellent article can be found at: 

Les liens aussi sont excellents, particulièrement celui de cette vidéo :

The links are also excellent, especially the one on this video:


All First Ladies Have Been Trannies. Michelle is Not the First. Or Last.



Malheureusement, trop du plus intéressant à savoir sur ce sujet est uniquement en anglais. Appel aux bilingues, Canadiens et autres, surtout pour les vidéos : au moins les sous-titrer en français pour les rendre plus accessibles aux francophones.

Unfortunately, too much of the most interesting to know about this topic is only in English. We call for help from bilinguals, Canadians and others, especially for videos: at least subtitle them in French to make them more accessible to francophones.

Best regards.
Paul de Maisonneuve-Vannieuwenhuyze.

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