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accessibilite - [Accessibilite] What's your pick..?..Strawberry..Bubblegum or Coconut?

Objet : Liste de diffusion du groupe de travail Accessibilité (liste à inscription publique)

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[Accessibilite] What's your pick..?..Strawberry..Bubblegum or Coconut?

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  • From: Fran Gold <pharma AT>
  • To: accessibilite AT
  • Subject: [Accessibilite] What's your pick..?..Strawberry..Bubblegum or Coconut?
  • Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 06:46:39 -0000
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  • [Accessibilite] What's your pick..?..Strawberry..Bubblegum or Coconut?, Fran Gold, 19/10/2018

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