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accessibilite - Fwd: [ErgoIHM] [poste] Post-doc "Tactile Interfaces / Social networks / Aid systems for blind people" UTC COSTECH

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Fwd: [ErgoIHM] [poste] Post-doc "Tactile Interfaces / Social networks / Aid systems for blind people" UTC COSTECH

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  • Subject: Fwd: [ErgoIHM] [poste] Post-doc "Tactile Interfaces / Social networks / Aid systems for blind people" UTC COSTECH
  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 14:06:58 +0200
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Le tactile et les non voyants, n'est pas sujet à discussion que sur notre liste ! :)

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Date: Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 1:33 PM
Subject: [ErgoIHM] [poste] Post-doc "Tactile Interfaces / Social networks / Aid systems for blind people" UTC COSTECH
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Bonjour à tous,

Voici une offre de post-doc qui pourrait intéresser quelques uns d'entre vous.

Pour toute demande d'information ou réponse à cette offre, contactez:
- Charles Lenay (Head of the project) : charles.lenay [ at ]
- Dominique Aubert (Chief of development) : dominique.aubert [ at ]

[poste] Post-doc "Tactile Interfaces / Social networks / Aid systems for blind people" UTC COSTECH

POST-DOC on Tactile Interfaces / Social networks / Aid systems for blind people.
Open at the UTC (Technological University of Compiègne) in the team EA 2223 COSTECH (Knowledge, Organisation and Technical Systems) - group CRED (Cognitive Research and Enactive Design).

We are looking for a POST-DOC to launch the ITOIP programme: Tactile Interactions for Orientation, Interaction and Presence. The aim of this project is to design Tactile Interfaces (emission and reception of tactile signals) for Blind People. The introduction of the tactile modality brings unprecedented possibilities for interaction via multimodal interfaces.

The Tactos software and the tactile interfaces that we have already developed, initially designed for blind persons, make it possible to achieve tactile reading of shapes on the computer screen. At the same time, they also make it possible to achieve real-time tactile interactions at a distance between different users who thus have access to a shared digital space. The organisation and the production of spaces for meeting, for games, or for learning (in particular Geometry), pose a series of new problems, which are fascinating from technological, psychological and sociological points of view. Functionalities and uses are to be invented (distal touch, tactile games, discreet guidance, tactile chat, language ?), and the first communities of users are to be constituted.
In continuity with these studies, the present project aims at developing portable tactile interfaces; this opens up three sorts of aid situations which are interdependent, both for integration in work stations and for daily life: 1) Information ? Perception ; 2) Orientation ? Guidance ; 3) Interaction ? Presence. The design, the functionalities and the services will be developed with the participation of designers, research scientists and associations of visually handicapped persons.
It is a question of launching tactile Internet and telephone!

In this framework, the Post-Doc will be expected to:
- Develop (according to his/her speciality and centres of interest) a scientific approach to the question of technical mediations (of perception, of learning, of inter-individual interactions, of the _expression_ of emotions ?) and thus to participate in experimental research and/or the observation of uses.
- Co-ordinate the research activities, the developments, and the use analyses in the project;
- Establish contacts for setting up the tactile Internet network for blind and visually handicapped persons (organisation of the network and communities with shared practice);
- Draft specific contents, and define the technical interventions to be performed in response to requests received;
- Participate in the conception and the ergonomics of the Web interfaces associated with the project (Web Designer, Network administration, Web technologies, Design).

Team: the ITOIP project includes 2 Post-docs, 2 computer technicians, 1 part-time blind person, and 4 research teams (9 research scientists).

Site : CRED group, EA2223 COSTECH, Technological University of Compiègne.

Expected skills:
Doctoral student having addressed several of the following domains: Interfaces and perception; Mixed-reality games; Haptic or tactile interfaces; Analysis of inter-individual interactions.
- Knowledge of the world of blind persons and/or tactile interfaces.
- Knowledge in the ergonomics of interfaces and/or computer interfaces and networks.
- A feeling for contact, for organisation, and for the dynamics of research.

Remuneration: 2074? net / month (in the framework of a project in the Picardy region) for one year, once renewable.

Timetable: beginning of the Post-Doc between May (ideally) and September (latest limit). Applications should be sent in before April 20th 2011.

Perspectives :
- This Post-Doc can be once renewed.
- The project could well result in the creation of a business firm.
Application :
- Letter of motivation and Curriculum Vitae. We will organize auditions towards the end of April.

For further information, contact:
- Charles Lenay (Head of the project) : charles.lenay [ à ]
- Dominique Aubert (Chief of development) : dominique.aubert [ à ]

Charles Lenay,
Professor (Philosophy and Cognitive Science),
Director of the Research Unit COSTECH (Knowledge, Organisation and Technical Systems),
Human Sciences and Technology Department,
Compiègne University of Technology.

Université de Technologie de Compiègne
Centre P.Guillaumat
BP 60319
Rue du Docteur Schweitzer
60203 Compiègne Cedex - France
+ 33 3 44 23 43 68

charles.lenay [ à ]

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