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informatique-deloyale - Blu-Ray BD+, encore un DRM qui tombe ?

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Blu-Ray BD+, encore un DRM qui tombe ?

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  • From: Benoît Sibaud <bsibaud AT>
  • To: informatique-deloyale AT
  • Subject: Blu-Ray BD+, encore un DRM qui tombe ?
  • Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 00:36:06 +0100


Blu-ray BD+ cracked and ready to burn
Claim of a Blu-ray BD+ Crack
AnyDVD Bypasses Latest AACS Protection

Commentaire /. indiquant que déjà 2 protections sur 3 sont
contournables :
It's great news but keep in mind the entire procedure has not been
cracked yet. There are three major layers of security in a Blu Ray
1) AACS (currently we have ways to sniff the code out of software, cat
and mouse game for now) (Cracked - sort of)
2) BD+ (The virtual machine decrypting the AACS content) (Cracked)
3) BD ROM MARK - A small key that has been stored on the cd using
alternate technological means. This is an extra key that is read using
only BLU RAY players using mysterious methods.

Without the BD ROM Mark the disk can't be decrypted quite yet.
The article makes no claim that this has been cracked.

Pour mémoire, on avait parlé des Blu-Ray BD+ il y a peu car certains
lecteurs n'arrivaient pas à les lire... le fameux plus consommateur des
dispositifs de contrôle de l'usage (DCU / DRM).

Et ça me rappelle l'article suivant paru en août
« DRM Scorecard: Hackers Batting 1000, Industry Zero
CSS: Cracked
FairPlay: Cracked
AACS: Cracked
Windows Media DRM: Cracked
Sony-BMG Rootkit: Busted »
Marchand de DRM, faut être pétri d'espoir, d'incompétence ou de mauvaise


Benoît Sibaud

  • Blu-Ray BD+, encore un DRM qui tombe ?, Benoît Sibaud, 31/10/2007

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